More Swimming!

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For a Dogo, my little girl is becoming quite the swimmer.  I took her to Barley’s over the weekend, and she got into the pool without needing anyone in the water with her.  In fact, she was pretty much the only dog in the pool at the time.  She let me throw toys for her and she’d jump in and bring them back.

Thanks to her sessions with the pros at Barley’s, she’s becoming quite the water baby!





Even during daycare today, she played in the baby pool they have for the dogs in the daycare yard.


Happy Swimming!

~ Melissa

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Swimming at Barley’s

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Nipha had her first successful swim today!  What that means is that she was able to get in and out of the pool on her own.  Here’s a pic and a video:


This is a huge improvement!  Nipha’s first two swims were during the puppy swim and she didn’t pass her test both times, but she still did well considering how little she was at the time:

Now, she can swim on her own, which is great because it’s something she will be able to do during day care in addition to hiking, when the weather isn’t good.

But it doesn’t matter what she does, when she gets home from Barley’s, she is out like a light.  The activities really wear her out, which is great for me!

Today, she did day care and the swimming.



Yesterday, she went hiking.


Check out the landscape in the background!  So beautiful!  Mike takes some really great shots!

Anyhow, take it from me, Barley’s is really the best facility for dogs in Salt Lake.  Actually, it’s the best dog facility anywhere.  There’s really no other place like it.

Happy Playing!

~ Melissa

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers of both fur and human babies!

My friend made this picture for me:


If Nipha could talk, that’s exactly what she would say!  Haha!

Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Melissa


Hiking with Barley’s

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Yesterday was a great day for my little girl.  She got to see her Barley Buds at day care:


And play in the pool:


Then, she, Luke, and Brandy got to go to Tanner park and play in the water again:



And chase each other:


To finally come back to the day care room and crash out on the couch:


Yep, yesterday, she was one tired puppy, and a little sunburned, too, aw.


Happy Playing!

~ Melissa

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Happy Earth Day!

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Our planet is he most beautiful and valuable thing we have.  Let’s keep it protected!


Happy Earth Day!

~ Melissa


Star Wars, Teaser 2

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Do we really have to wait until Christmas?  Ugh!!!

A few things I think this trailer is suggesting:

1) Darth Vader may still be alive (or maybe at least Luke is referring to his spirit.)

2) Luke or Leia have a child who has the force as they do.

3) The child is a daughter, we see her in the clips.

4) The good guys either pose as storm troopers and attack the bad guys, or the bad guys attack the bad guys.

5) And finally, Han and Chewbacca have come back home after a looooooong trip.

I can’t wait to see this movieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope J.J. doesn’t mess it up!

******** WARNING SPOILER ********

Edit: I’ve heard through the grapevine that the rumor about the “search for Luke Skywalker” has some truth to it.  Luke has become so powerful that he is no longer a lightsaber-wielding Jedi but has become more like Yoda in that he’s more of a wizard or shaman type character.  He retreats from society to a remote location in the Universe because he’s afraid that he will be seduced by the dark side like he almost was in Return of the Jedi.  The whole premise of The Force Awakens is that there is an imminent dark force stirring (thus the force awakening) that is so threatening, they need to seek out the only Jedi left in the world, Luke, and win some major battle.

Happy Viewing!

~ Melissa

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Nipha At Barley’s

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Well, my little White Beauty has found a new favorite place, next to PetSmart Doggie Day Camp.


It’s Barley’s Canine Recreation Center Doggie Daycare.  Not only do they have a large yard for the dogs to run around in:


They have extra services/activities for the dogs that includes swimming, walking, washing, massaging, and hiking:


They also take pictures of the pups and post them on Facebook so you can see your little rascals while you’re at work.




With two days out of the week at PetSmart and two days at Barley’s, Nipha is one little happy camper.


Happy Playing!

~ Melissa


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Partie à la Pêche (Gone Fishin’)

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This is a poem I wrote over 20 years ago while I was studying French at a university in Belgium.  I came across it the other day when I was organizing my office.  I was surprised because I thought I’d lost it, which makes me wish I had kept more of my writings from when I was younger.  Somehow, things just got lost along this crazy journey we call life.


Oh well, here it is:

Partie à la Pêche

Partie à la pêche.

Reviendrai demain.

J’ai pris,

Mes engins de pêche.

J’ai pris,

Mon manteau et mon chapeau.

Dans le frigo,

Je t’ai laissé,

Un petit quelque chose a manger.

Et je t’ai laissé,

La maison and les enfants à soigner,

Les facteur à payer,

Le chien à nourrir,

Et tous mes inquiètudes.


Partie à la pêche.

Reviendrai demain.


Gone Fishin’

Gone fishin’.

Be back tomorrow.

I took,

My fishing gear.

I took,

My coat and my hat.

In the fridge,

I left you,

A little something to eat.

And I left you,

The house and the kids to tend,

The bills to pay,

The dog to feed,

And all my worries.

See ya!

Gone fishin’.

Be back tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

~ Melissa

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Happy Easter!

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Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

For a little history:

Happy Easter!

~ Melissa


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