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The Raie’Chaelia book cover for Amazon (left).  It is a picture of Chalice with her pendant around her neck.  Click on the image to the left for a larger view (cover art by Brielle Porter).

When Chalice sets off for Branbury in the middle of the night with her grandfather’s instructions, she has no idea of the dangers that await her.  The King’s men have destroyed her home village of Canton and she is suddenly thrown into a Terravailian world that she does not know.  Lost and alone, she is hard pressed to evade the iron grasp of the madman who rules the land.  With the help of a friendly Chinuk, an old man, and a book that she discovers along the way, not only does she find true friends and true love, but she also finds her true self and what it means to be the Raie’Chaelia.

The first novel in the trilogy, The Legend of the Raie’Chaelia, is available in electronic format on Amazon and Kobo.  It is also available for download here for free.

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The Raie’Chaelia book cover for B&N and Smashwords (left).  It is a picture of Chalice as she travels through the forests of Mount Vaassa.  Click on the image to the left for a larger view (artwork by Charles Nemitz of Lucky Bat Books).







What People Are Saying:

“If you are looking for a book that is different from the current trend of premises and is unique in it’s story line, characters, and world, then this is the book for you! It’s not an edge of your seat thriller, but it does pack the perfect amount of suspense and compelling story-line to keep you turning the pages, as well as a perfect sprinkling of romance, which of course has it’s own little twist.”

~ Meghan, Owl Read It


“The Raie’Chaelia sets the foundation for the series. It explains a lot of the details and politics of their world. I like the characters and the bonds of friendship that form. I read the trilogy back to back. This series crescendos, getting more exciting the whole way.”

~ Diane Lynch, Diane’s Book Blog


“I absolutely loved Jeremiah!  Yes, Chalice is the main character and she is wonderful, but Jeremiah was my favorite.  He has so many wonderful traits including strength, loving unconditionally, and protective of his friends.  Chalice is great.  Such devotion to her friends and family, even a family that she doesn’t know.  That devotion is amazing and could cost her more than she ever planned on.  Her friends, Ben and the Chinuk are wonderful.  The storyline is great!  I rate this a 5/5.  I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series!”

~ Ashley, Ashley’s Bookshelf


“I have not picked up a YA novel since Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer so The Raie’Chaelia was very unexpected. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised, instead of a young love story that overshadowed a bigger plot, it was the reverse. I have to hand it to Melissa Douthit, she created such imagery with this book that it made it hard to put down. While reading The Raie’Chaelia, I was reminded of The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey which I read as a young adult. Douthit’s grasp of the fantasy genre is strong, her understanding of how creating languages for your characters can make or break a story and thankfully, it made this one. Overall, a very enjoyable read if I do say so in a slightly surprised voice. I’ll be adding the rest of the series to my TBR pile.”

~ Adria, Breath of Life Reviews


“The Raie’Chaelia is a beautiful story written about a love, environment, kingdoms and true friendship. Douthit uses vivid imagery that makes you want to believe in the unreal.. and see the unknown. You can’t help but to fall into a new world with the elegant and extravagant descriptive language used in this novel. I wouldn’t only say that this book is fantasy- but would add that it is more of an adventure THROUGH a fantastical world. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the Young Adult Fantasy genre- but also to anyone who genuinely appreciates a well written majestic mysterious story.”

Shiri, The Book Bubbles Blog


The Raie’Chaelia is an epic adventure with a new twist on the YA fantasy genre! For some, looking at the cover of this book may make you think “old-fashioned fairy-tale”, but there you would be wrong. This is a story with a great heroine, fine details, and a new take on fantasy that is wholly immersing with its detailed writing.”

~ Alexandra, Words of the Worlds


“When high fantasy is well done you close the book feeling exhilarated for taking a trip with the main character through a new, fully realized world you never knew about. With Melissa Douthit’s The Legend of the Raie’Chaelia, not only did I feel I knew the heroine, Chalice, well, I regarded her as a friend. I liked her friends, especially Jeremiah. As a childhood friend and romantic prospect, it was refreshing to see a regular guy with no super powers to charm the readers (he registers high on my swoon-meter). Fans of high fantasy may want to check this series out. Action, thought provoking characters, magic, romance and more await within the pages of this engaging YA series.”

~ Laurie, Reader Girls


“This fantasy trilogy has a lot going for it.  It is well plotted and the world building is extraordinary. The science under-girding it is impeccable. The main characters have depth and personalities that come alive on the page. The dialog is more than competent with different characters having distinctive voices.”

~ Joy Renee, Joy Story


“This was SUCH an epic fantasy. I haven’t read fantasies for a while, and I’m glad to come back to them. I was taken to the worlds of the author’s imagination and I felt that same “childhood” feeling I’ve felt while reading countless fantasy books, such as C.S. Lewis’ and J.R.R. Tolkein. This story was so original! Loved everything about it. I fell in love with the characters, the setting was INCREDIBLE, and the background story was so magical. You immediately get pulled in by the mystery and the curious feeling you get that there’s more to this story…”

~ Rabiah, Confessions of a Readaholic


“The main character, Chalice, was very likeable. I felt like I really knew her, which is always a good thing. The plot, if broken down to the bare bones of it, was rather like Graceling, and Chalice, I thought, was like Katsa when she fought. I found this a good thing, since I loved Graceling and ended up enjoying this book as well. Readers of fantasy will love this story.”

~ Rida, Raindrop Reflections


“Raie Chaelia is a fantasy story along the line of the Hobbit with less magic and more science. Melissa Douthit is a magician as she melds science and magic with a touch of everyday technology and culture.  It is an easy to read adventure for young adults and older children told in an easy style. Self discovery, romance, responsibility, and friendship show the way to leadership for Chalice. The first of a series, Raie Chaelia is a book I enjoyed.”

~ Debbie, Debbiesdedes


“The Raie’Chaelia has a brilliant storyline.  I tried to savor each and every word that came off the page.  The descriptions weren’t too over the top for me.  You could practically imagine almost the whole thing.  The characters were so easy to love.  Chalice quickly earned my respect, with her amazing skill to swiftly take down enemies.  My eyes didn’t even close to blink.  Excuse me as I let them rest for a moment.”

~ Suzanne, Cup of Tea Reviews


“This is a beautifully written story. The language is precise and descriptive. The characters are wonderfully created and well-developed. The story is filled with mystery, prophecy, and secrets. This is an incredible adventure story! The storyline and plot are complex and intriguing. The story is fast-paced, but doesn’t leave the reader behind. The animals are fantastic. Melissa Douthit must be a wordsmith! She weaves the language in such a way that the reader is enthralled by the story. This is original and unique in a world where sometimes stories can seem similar. Her world building skills are incredible leaving us with fascinating scenes that come alive from the pages. Her characters are the stuff a person wants to be made of: clever, brave, strong, honorable, driven, loyal, and loving.”

~ Beverly, The Wormhole


The Raie’Chaelia is a wonderful adventure that had me constantly soaking in all of the information I could about this new world.  The characters are all full of life, and you can’t help but smile along with their crazy antics.  The world-building in the The Raie’Chaelia really shaped this book into an interesting story.  The characters each had a lot of heart, and so many of them I would love to meet.  The Raie’Chaelia is a fantasy novel that has many different elements mixed in.  Full of adventure, deceit, and strange lands, this book has something for everyone.”

~ Tessa Belle, From the Bookshelf of T.B.


“I really like this book!  If you love adventure books and romance books this is the story for you!!!  First off, the romance between Jeremiah and Chalice is super cute!  They are really such a good couple.  I liked how after all the time they hadn’t seen each other they still had feelings for each other.  I also loved Buney!  He’s so cute, he reminds me of a little stuffed animal.  As for the adventure, this book is full of it!  There are many twists and turns throughout the book that always keeps you wanting more.  This is an adventure that will definitely keep you reading with a little romance thrown into the mix also.  I can seriously see this as a movie and I hope there’s a sequel.”

~ Cierra, Books Ahoy


“The Raie’Chaelia is a fun fantasy/adventure novel.  I enjoyed this coming of age story of Chalice.  She is a great character – very strong and brave.  Melissa’s writing is very vivid and creative.  I loved how she built this exciting world that the characters journey through.  I had no trouble imagining this world and it was almost like watching a movie.  I found it very inventive and entertaining.  This is the first in a trilogy and I’m looking forward to reading the next one and continuing on in Chalice’s journey.”

~ Darlene, Peeking Between the Pages


“The plot itself is very unique and inventive, perfect for the genre.  The events are fairly fast-paced, there is plenty of dialogue-almost too much.  The characters are the deciding factor for this novel, they can really pull a reader in.  This book is recommended to young adult/teen readers who enjoy fantasy.”

~ Krystal, Live To Read


“I really enjoyed this book, it did what any good  fantasy story  should do, it drew me into its world and made me care about its characters, who for me were one of the strong points of the book.  The world building and beautiful descriptions of the countryside and interiors give the story an almost ‘Tolkeinesque’ feel, but this story is in no way a another version of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, it is a highly original tale which keeps the reader guessing.  The vivid way the landscape and locations are painted made me feel I was right there.  On the whole, I love the writer’s ‘voice’ and the story gripped me until the end.  It ended rather abruptly and I now I just HAVE to read the next book ‘The Firelight of Maalda’, which is scheduled to be released towards the end of this year.”

~ Lyn, Hywela Lyn


“I really enjoyed The Raie’Chaelia.  If I had to classify it into a genre, it would be a difficult thing to do but I think it would be fantasy with elements of science fiction.  I really enjoyed it and I think that any fan of fantasy would definitely enjoy it.”

~ Rebecca, Everything To Do With Books


“The Raie’Chaelia (pronounced rye-kale-ya) is an original fantasy adventure story that provides the reader with a gripping tale, a wonderful and unique setting, and interesting, not to mention engaging characters.  This is a fantasy novel, set in a new world, which is filled with adventure on almost every page.  I don’t read fantasy often, but I dare say that The Raie’Chaelia is a book to be read by fantasy enthusiasts.  It’s an enjoyable journey.”

~ Irena, This Miss Loves to Read


“What a great story!  I enjoyed reading this adventure.  It definitely kept me on my toes.  At times I thought I had everything figured out, then another twist and turn came my way.  Definitely a compelling story that had me wanting to know what happened next.”

~ Annell, Dragonflowers and Books


“I have to say, I always love a good story, but what I love even more is a character that transcends the story.  One that is so skillfully projected, he/she can find a place in almost any tale and outshine the protagonist.  Bunejab did this for me in The Raie’Chaelia.”

~ Maria, To Read Perchance to Dream


“This book was interesting.  Every time I thought I had it figured out, something else would happen!  Melissa has created a very creative and different world.  Her writing is new and fresh!  Overall this was a great fantasy read.”

~ Myranda, My{reads}da


“The Raie’Chaelia, by Melissa Douthit, is a young adult high fantasy novel.  It’s set in Naeo’Gaea, a world with kingdoms and magic.  The world is actually one of the best draws about this novel.  When you begin it seems like it’s going to be a very normal fantasy world, but the more you read the more interesting it gets.”

~ Sarah, Books Are Better


“The Raie’Chaelia turned out to be a unique story that I enjoyed reading.  This was a fun book to get into.  I recommend this book to others who enjoy fantasy and are looking for a quick and unique read.  I want to know what happens next in the story and so I will probably pick up the next book in the series (and the prequel!)”

~ Cindy, Oodles of Books


The characters of the story live in a mythical land called Naeo’Gaea.  To find out more about this world, please read The Making of Naeo’Gaea.

Click on the map below for a larger view (artwork by Charles Nemitz of Lucky Bat Books).

Below is the preface of the book, that explains how and when the story began and why I decided to start writing professionally.


On the morning of 21st of September, 2007, I sat down at my computer with a cup of coffee and clicked a familiar bookmark on my internet browser.  The link took me to a website that I knew well.  In doing so, I learned that one of my favorite authors had passed away.  His name was James Oliver Rigney, Jr., also known as Robert Jordan.  The website was
Ever since I was seventeen, I have been reading his epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.  I remember buying the first book, The Eye of the World, from a local bookstore and rushing home to read it.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  To this day, after twenty-one years, I am still reading his series as it quickly draws to a conclusion in its final completion by Brandon Sanderson.
I never thought I could be a writer given that my talents lie in other areas, mostly in mathematics and science, but when I learned of Jordan’s passing, I decided to start writing a story that I had been tossing around in my head for a while.  The ideas were there but the realization of those ideas into a book was a problem.  I didn’t believe that I could do it.  So, that morning, inspired by Jordan’s life story, I sat down and started typing.  I soon found that by having read his books, as well as many others by other authors, the writing came naturally and the words flowed.  The following novel is the result of that day.
Now, three years later, my first novel has been published.  It is a novel with both a storyline and a background theme.  The ideas for the story were conceived out of a desire to write a fantasy that was different from any other I had read in the past.   The entire story required a few years to fully develop, but I believe I have achieved my original intention – keeping it different.  I am hoping that you, its reader, will feel that difference and love it.  Thank you for reading my story.  I hope you enjoy it.

Very Respectfully,
Melissa Douthit

In Memoriam
James Oliver Rigney, Jr.
October 17, 1948 to September 16, 2007
A good man and a great writer
May he rest in peace


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