Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Nipha and Copper are wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s day, too!



For a little historical perspective on the holiday:

So go enjoy all the green beer you can drink and toast to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

~ Melissa

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Kevin Weinberg on Author Bullying

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I’m sharing this with my readers because I want to show support for Kevin’s message here.  He’s just like me, very much against author bullying.

Warning: if you are sensitive to colorful language, then don’t watch.  Kevin feels strongly about this subject and thus the expletives he throws into his words.  :)


Happy Viewing!

~ Melissa


Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas!

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And Happy New Year!

~ Melissa



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Coming in January 2015.  Got Chris Hemsworth.  Definitely going to see it!

Happy Viewing!

~ Melissa

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Coming out on Christmas day!  So want to see this!

Happy Viewing!

~ Melissa

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

For a little history of the holiday:

Happy Eating!

~ Melissa


Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

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Nipha, the Ghost Puppy, is wishing everyone a Happy All Hallow’s Eve on the day “which is the last day of the harvest and the first day of the dark of winter“.  A day in which the veil between worlds thins and the spirits of the dead walk the Earth to be among the living (photo above taken by Lino Innocenzi).

So, watch out tonight while you’re trick-or-treating!  You might encounter something you never expected!

Muahahahahaha!  :)

Happy Halloween!

~ Melissa

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Nipha, the White Beauty

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For anyone who’s read The Legend of the Raie’Chaelia, they will remember Nipha as the beautiful, intelligent, and powerful horse who lives in the snowy mountains of the Trui’Quirre and who plays a major role in the story.  I named the horse Nipha because it is the ancient Greek word for snow, very fitting given her environment.


But today, I’m not going to be talking about Nipha of the Trui’Quirre, but of a new little being, born in September of this year, who has inherited the same name.

Who is she, you ask?

Meet Nipha, the White Beauty, the Dogo Argentino (photo below taken by Prince McClinton).


She is my new baby girl who arrived at my house on October 24th and who has taken up permanent residence in my home and in my heart (photo below taken by Lino Innocenzi).


At only 6 weeks, she is already taking on two dogs at a time during her playing hours.  Here is she playing with the neighbors dogs, Muffin and Piper, on the lawn:

As for her breed, Dogos aren’t really well known in the U.S., but they really are some of the best dogs in the world.  They are intelligent, strong, protective, and loyal.  They make good hunters, search & rescue dogs, and family dogs.  They are also used in the military and police work.

So, how did such a breed of canine come to exist?  Here’s a little history on the making of Dogos:

In 1928, Antonio Nores Martinez, a medical doctor, professor and surgeon, set out to breed a big game hunting dog that was also capable of being a loyal pet and guard dog. Antonio Martinez picked the Cordoba Fighting Dog to be the base for the breed.[11] This breed is extinct today, but it was said that as a large and ferocious dog, it was a great hunter. Martinez crossed it with the Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and Dogue de Bordeaux.[11] Nores Martinez continued to develop the breed via selective breeding to introduce the desired traits.

In fact, he bred the dog so well, there is one named Morocho, who is famously known for killing a puma to save its family:

And that’s it!  That’s the Dogo in a nutshell.  Pretty impressive, ey?

All I can really say is that I’m grateful to have learned about Dogos and to be the proud adoptive parent of one that is the sweetest little girl in the world.

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